Dental Extractions in Humble, TX

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure we perform at Northeast Dental Associates in Humble, Texas, when a patient’s infected or damaged tooth can no longer be saved and needs to be removed from the jawbone.

In most cases, extractions are necessary in order to maintain the patient’s overall oral health. Read on to learn more about when tooth extractions are required and what the procedure entails. 

When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The most common reasons why a patient may need a tooth extraction include:

  • Damaged or Infected Tooth

When a tooth is excessively decayed or infected, its nerves and blood vessels can also become damaged. In addition, the decay or infection can also spread to the adjoining teeth. In such cases, removing the damaged tooth is the best option to prevent serious dental issues.

  • Braces

In some cases, patients preparing for braces or retainers may need to have one or several teeth removed to make space for other teeth to shift into their proper positions.

  • Crowded Teeth

When there is not enough space in your mouth to properly accommodate all the teeth, they can get crowded. Over time, this may lead to chewing and biting issues. In such instances, Dr. V recommends removing the teeth causing the crowding. 

  • Gum Disease

If the bones and soft tissues that support the teeth become infected, your tooth may come loose. In such cases, Dr. V recommends tooth extraction to prevent further pain and damage.

Tooth Extraction Procedure and Recovery

At Northeast Dental Associates, Dr. V will first take an X-ray of your teeth to assess the situation and determine if a tooth extraction is required. If it is, she will then numb the area with a local anesthetic and proceed with the tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth extraction procedures can be either surgical or simple, depending on your condition. 

  • Simple Extraction

A simple tooth extraction is performed when the teeth to be removed are easily accessible and visible as well as loose. 

  • Surgical Extraction

Teeth that are less visible or accessible require surgical extraction. In this case, Dr. V will pull out the tooth by making an incision in the connective tissue. 

Tooth Extraction Recovery 

The recovery period for tooth extraction is 2-5 days. 

For the first few days, you should avoid brushing or flossing the extraction area and stick to softer foods like yogurt and soup. If you follow the aftercare routine recommended by Dr. V you’ll have no trouble going back to your normal life in no time.

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