Dental Cleanings in Humble, TX

Although you cannot see it, your mouth is home to thousands of naturally occurring bacteria. And, while regularly brushing and flossing your teeth does help, it’s not enough to get rid of all the bacteria and plaque buildup. 

However, a professional dental cleaning at Northeast Dental Associates in Humble, Texas, can help you get rid of any stubborn plaque or bacteria buildup and prevent cavities, decay, and gum disease.

According to the American Dental Association, you should get a dental cleaning once every six months. Dr. Saalini Velamakanni recommends the same if you want to maintain your oral health and hygiene.  

Types of Dental Cleanings Available at Northeast Dental Associates

There are two main types of dental cleanings we offer our patients at Northeast Dental Associates: regular cleanings and deep cleanings (scaling and root planing). 

The main goal of all of these cleaning procedures is to get rid of bacteria, plaque, and tartar and prevent oral diseases. Based on the condition of your teeth and the severity of the plaque buildup, Dr. Velamakanni will suggest the dental cleaning that is right for you.

  • Basic Cleanings

Dr. V recommends regular dental cleanings to patients with good overall dental health. During the procedure, a scaler or water stream is used to wash away plaque and tartar buildup from the front, back, and sides of your teeth. 

Routine cleanings are vital in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay and can also help remove tooth stains.

  • Deep Cleanings

Dr. V recommends deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, to patients who have a high risk of developing gum disease, already suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis, or who have not had a routine cleaning in more than one year. 

During the procedure, special techniques and tools are used to thoroughly clean your teeth, gums, and gum line and remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings 

Dental cleanings are a necessity if you want to maintain your oral health. Some of the main benefits of dental cleanings are:

  • Prevent tooth decay and cavities
  • Avoid bad breath
  • Prevent tooth loss and infection caused by gum diseases
  • Prevent the onset of gingivitis and periodontitis 

If oral health is a top priority for you, dental cleanings are a must. To learn more and book an appointment for a dental cleaning at Northeast Dental Associates,  Dentist Humble, TX contact us at (832) 818-8132 or visit our office at 19411 McKay Dr #150, Humble, TX 77338.